Mission Statement

Women of Color in Education was created to be of service to young women of color who desire individual and experienced guidance to help them move forward by providing a supportive environment for goal setting, skill building, and personal development. Our goal is to cultivate healthy relationships that promote increased self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and self reliance. Through this our young women will become a powerful force and contributor to our community.  

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Mayor Brandon Johnson

The Inauguration of
Mayor Brandon Johnson

WCE accepted an invitation to attend and excitedly watch Chicago's 57th mayor being sworn in. The event took place Monday, May 15, at the Credit Union One Arena - also known as UIC Pavilion.  In addition to Mayor Johnson, the City Council also was sworn in Monday – including 13 new aldermen.

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The Three Stages of Mentoring

Stage 1

* Stage one is the startup phase is the initial meeting and laying the foundation for the relationship.

*Creation of a trusting relationship requires time and dedicated service.

*The first stage would be done through a meet & greet, ice breakers, and various events to stimulate the mentee.

Stage 2

*The second stage can last a few months or a few years, depending on how the relationships unfolds.

*It is during this stage that the mentor/mentee begin to discover the real benefits of the relationship they are developing.

*The mentor will provide coaching, be an advocate and cheerleader for the mentee.

Stage 3

* The third stage is a stage of Independence/ dependence.

* The mentor/mentee may grow apart at this stage or require further mentoring from another source.

* Independence involves mentee being able to move forward from high school, and still have a healthy relationship with mentor.

*Dependant mentee may need additional support for further development.

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